Corporate & Regional Headquarters

Significant Savings in Corporate Operations Average Wages vs. Metro Houston

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Corporate & Regional Headquarters


Galveston Co.
Mean Hourly Wage
Houston MSA
Mean Hourly Wage
Accountants and Auditors $36.45 $41.58
Bill and Account Collectors $15.00 $16.83
Billing and Posting Clerks $16.96 $18.83
Computer Operators $20.96 $22.62
Customer Service Representatives $15.44 $16.74
Data Entry Keyers $13.72 $15.12
Exec. Secretaries and Exec. Admin Assistants $26.20 $28.59
Financial Specialists $35.34 $39.77
HR Managers $56.82 $64.52
Market Research Analysts $30.21 $34.61
Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks $19.55 $21.56
Purchasing Agents $31.93 $35.58
Receptionists and Information Clerks $12.59 $13.59
Sales Representatives $28.87 $32.41
Switchboard Operators $14.35 $15.98

Property Tax Savings vs Metro Houston

  • Galveston County’s property taxes are roughly 15% lower than Harris County/Houston

Housing Cost Savings vs Metro Houston

  • Galveston County's housing costs are 9% lower than Harris County/Houston

Cost of Living Savings vs Metro Houston

  • Galveston County's cost of living is 5% lower than Harris County/Houston

American National Insurance Headquarters

  • American National Insurance Company is a major insurance corporation
  • Headquartered in Galveston
  • Publicly traded
  • $3 billion/year + annual revenue
  • ANICO and its subsidiaries operate in all 50 US States and Puerto Rico

Growth in Galveston County Occupations Since 2010

    • 20% growth in Billing and posting clerks since 2010
    • 20% growth in Market research analysts since 2010
    • 17% growth Bill and account collectors since 2010
    • 16% growth in Customer service representatives since 2010
    • 11% growth in Accountants and Auditors since 2010
    • 11% growth in Data entry keyers since 2010
    • 11% growth in HR managers since 2010
    • 11% growth in Receptionists and information clerks since 2010
    • 11% growth in Sales representatives since 2010

Flight Access

  • Hobby Airport
    Hobby Airport
    • Galveston County is located 6 miles from Hobby Airport in Houston.
    • Hobby Airport provides international service to Mexico and Central and South America.
    • 4 runways ranging from 5,000 ft. long to 7,600 ft. long
    • Over 150 daily nonstop flights to more than 40 cities are serviced out of Hobby.
    • Hobby Airport is a hub for Southwest Airlines.
    • Multiple other airlines have flights out of Hobby:
      • American Airlines
      • Delta
      • JetBlue

  • Ellington Airport
    Ellington Airport
    • Ellington Airport is one of just ten spaceports in the United States.
    • Ellington Airport is located 12 miles north Galveston County near NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.
    • Ellington Airport is home to numerous military operations:
      • Texas Air National Guard
      • Army National Guard
      • Coast Guard
    • With its newly christened designation as a spaceport, Ellington Airport offers many opportunities for commercial development.
    • 3 runways including one that is 8,000 ft. long and one that is 9,000 ft. long

  • Scholes International Airport
    • Scholes International Airport on Galveston Island is an FBO with 24-hour service.
    • Scholes features two 6,000 ft. runways that are long enough to accommodate airplanes as large as the Boeing 767.
    • Scholes has more than 60,000 aircraft operations per year.

  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport
    George Bush Intl Airport
    • Galveston County is located 42 miles to George Bush Intercontinental Airport which serves more than 40 million passengers per year.
    • Bush Airport is the 7th largest international passenger gateway into the US.
    • Bush Airport is the 7th busiest airport in the world for total aircraft movements.
    • Bush Airport is a United Hub.
    • Bush Airport is the 12th largest gateway for international cargo moved into the US.

Road Access

Regional Interstate Map

  • Interstate 45
    • Interstate 45 serves Galveston County connecting us directly to the Houston Metro Area.
    • Over a Billion Dollars of Road Improvements
      • More than an estimated billion dollars will be spent on transportation infrastructure improvement in Galveston County over the next decade. Click here to learn more.
      • This investment will better connect Galveston County to the greater Houston Region.

Taxes & Business Costs

      • We feature major tax and business costs advantages including the following:
        • No state corporate income tax
        • No state individual income tax
        • Only state in USA that does not require private companies to have workers’ compensation insurance.
        • Visit our incentives page to learn what you could qualify for.

Research and Development

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston - Texas A&M University Galveston - NASA
      • The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
        • Features 19 research institutes in the field of medicine
      • Texas A&M University Galveston
        • Features 24 research institutes in the field of marine studies
      • NASA
        • Located on the northern border of Galveston County
        • Features 7 research areas

Additional Information

Source of Business and Labor Numbers: The Next Move Group