City Summary

Located on the beautiful Dickinson Bayou, a pathway to Galveston Bay, Dickinson is a prime geographic location, situated halfway between Houston and Galveston on Interstate 45 and with easy access to numerous other major thoroughfares and methods of transportation.

Dickinson’s rapidly growing business community includes aerospace, petrochemical, healthcare, and retail operations with room to grow.

Dickinson offers business a proactive economic development philosophy and attitude, diverse trade areas with available land and/or lease space in each area, a professional city staff, and a streamlined permitting process.



Population (2014 Est.)
Males 9,599
Females 9,996
Total 19,595
Incomes (2015 Est.)
Median Household $75,864
Per Capita $32,291
Education (Ages 25+)
High School or Higher 81.4%
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 23.0%
Graduate or Professional Degree 8.5%

Taxes and Business Costs

Taxing Entity Adopted Tax Rate Maintenance & Operations Rate Debt Rate Effective Tax Rate Effective Maintenance & Operations Rate Rollback Tax Rate
Tax Year 2016 0.208376 0.208376 0 0.208376 0.208376 0.225046
Tax Year 2016 0.40861 0.332357 0.076253 0.39603 0.319685 0.421512
Tax Year 2016 1.54 1.04 0.5 0 1.05419 0
Tax Year 2016 0.552 0.464209 0.087791 0.557981 0.464838 0.598946

Sales Tax Rate (2017): 7.75%


Promoting Economic Development

In 1998, the residents of Dickinson approved a 1/2 of 1% sales tax dedicated to promoting economic development in the City of Dickinson. These funds must be expended in accordance with state law to facilitate the development of eligible projects. The responsibility of the Dickinson Economic Development Corporation (DEDC) is to reinvest these funds in Dickinson to expand the city’s property tax base and create quality job opportunities for Dickinson residents.

Business Eligibility

Companies are required to complete a DEDC Economic Impact Survey to be considered for an Economic Incentive Proposal. A 3rd party conducts an Economic Impact Analysis for the DEDC to determine the projected economic impact the project will have on the City of Dickinson.

Economic Incentive Proposals

Based on the projected economic value of the project to the City of Dickinson during a specified time, the DEDC prepares an Economic Incentive Proposal, which outlines the company’s performance requirements that must be met to qualify and receive the DEDC economic incentives.

Performance Requirements

The performance requirements may include the number of full-time jobs to be created, the capital investment, size of space leased or built and the other details specific to the project. DEDC economic grants are paid as a reimbursement grant of project expenses over a period of time based on the company’s attainment of negotiated performance requirements on or before an agreed date.

Performance Agreement

To formalize the deal, the DEDC prepares a performance agreement for DEDC Board of Directors approval containing the terms and conditions for which DEDC economic incentives will be paid upon the verification that the company has met the performance requirements specified in the agreement.

Qualifying projects may be offered DEDC economic incentives on a per job basis of $500, $1000, or more.

Points of Contact


City of Dickinson City Hall
4403 Highway 3
Dicksonson, TX 77539


Downloadable Content

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Source of Business and Labor Numbers: The Next Move Group