Clear Lake Shores

Clear Lake Shores

City Summary

The City of Clear Lake Shores is home to more boat slips than people. It is located in Galveston County, Texas within the Houston metropolitan area with a residential population of about 1,063 according to the 2010 United States Census. The City of Clear Lake Shores has a very wide diversified group of property owners who share a love of living by the water and riding on their customized golf carts, their main means of transportation. The Island has many community events throughout the year including Jammin' on Jarboe, Children's Fishing Derby's, Parades, Holiday functions, Community Dinner's and nightly sunsets at either one of our beautiful parks.

Clear Lake Shores


Population (2014 Est.)
Males 628
Females 510
Total 1,138
Population Incomes (2015 Est.)
Median Household $108,260
Per Capita $56,624
Education (Ages 25+)
High School or Higher 98.5%
Bachelor’s Degree or Higher 50.8%
Graduate or Professional Degree 16.5%

Taxes and Business Costs

Taxing Entity Adopted Tax Rate Maintenance & Operations Rate Debt Rate Effective Tax Rate Effective Maintenance & Operations Rate Rollback Tax Rate
Tax Year 2016 1.4 1.04 0.36 1.314166 0 1.425549
Tax Year 2016 0 0 0 0 0 0
Tax Year 2016 0.552 0.464209 0.087791 0.557981 0.464838 0.598946

Sales Tax Rate (2017): 8.25%


New Business Assistance Program

The Goal

The City of Clear Lake Shores Economic Development Corporation is interested in retaining, expanding and recruiting businesses that meet two primary goals; the enhancement of the island lifestyle enjoyed by the city’s residents and the generation of retail sales tax.

New Business Incentive Program

The recruiting of new businesses is a priority and incentives may be offered to these businesses. As every new business has different needs, a plan will be developed to address those needs as requested. The businesses that fit with the island lifestyle and the estimated sales tax revenue to be generated will be key factors in developing the incentive package.

Potential Incentive Opportunity Examples

  • Installation of improvements including sidewalks, landscaping and irrigation on city right-of-way at or near the new business location.
  • Assistance with parking including shared parking in city controlled parking lots.
  • Assistance with infrastructure including city street and utility access.
  • City building permit partial cost reimbursement.
  • Chapter 380 Agreements for businesses with high retail sales tax volume production.

No grants will be awarded for work that has already started or been completed, or for work that is covered by insurance. If desired work is above what insurance will pay and is considered an upgrade and enhancement, it may be eligible for grant funds.

Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Commercial properties must be located in the Town Center Zone.
  2. All improvements must be in compliance with applicable Town Center design guidelines.
  3. Recommendation from the Town Center Design Review Committee is required.
  4. All projects must meet code requirements including flood elevation and windstorm.
  5. Projects or improvements initiated prior to the final approval of the grant application and receipt of all necessary permits shall be deemed ineligible.

All applications for financial assistance are subject to approval by the EDC Board of Directors.

Points of Contact


City of Clear Lake Shores City Hall
1006 S. Shore Drive
Clear Lake Shores, TX 77565


Clear Lake Shores

Downloadable Content

PDF Document  Town Center Master Plan

PDF Document  Town Center Brochure

Source of Business and Labor Numbers: The Next Move Group